Becoming a Herbalife member via Herbaline offers many advantages, such as:

Direct ordering via Herbalife
Fast delivery
Much purchasing advantage (25-50%)

Step 1: Register

Go to and FILL IN YOUR DETAILS OR click BEGIN NOW at the bottom.

Tick ??everything and at the bottom of that page, with YOUR SPONSOR INFORMATION you fill in:

Country in which you live: (choose)
Sponsor Herbalife ID number: 31Y0041688 (first 3 letters sponsor: SAL + space)

Already in possession of a Herbalife member pack? ‘No’

You need the number of your identity card (identity card or passport), so put it ready.
Go through all the steps. You will be asked to purchase the member package. The price is about 45 Euro equal to the price of the bus Formula 1,
that is in this package.
There is also an annual contribution of 10 euros, but you do not have to pay this until the beginning of the second year and with your first order

Welkom terug! Het ziet er naar uit dat je al een account hebt. Vul je wachtwoord in om verder te gaan. Wanneer je vragen hebt, neem dan contact op met Member Services.

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